Beta Testers - Welcome!


I am Spanish speaking and maybe my translator does not say what I want to say. The application is closed when I click on Ethereum to see my transactions and when I click on home.


I got it, that’s a known issue. Which build version of the wallet do you have?

By the way, you can use Help Center in the wallet in order to reach Support Team in case you have any questions or facing any issues :slight_smile:


I just downloaded the new version of the Pillar wallet - the last one was crashing when you hit home button.

I was wondering why there was not a ‘request’ button? You can send coins easily - why can you not request as easily? And could you not have a way of just requesting £ or $ then select through which coin you wanted to be paid in…

Just some ideas - I know it’s easier said than done!


Hi RobbyD!
Hope your wallet is not crashing anymore :smile:
Could you please specify what do you mean by request button? What should it do?
There’s already a Receive button, what would be the main differences between Request and Receive?


Greetings fellow beta testers.


Will pillar wallet ever be able to handle non erc20, and non ethereum based tokens?


Yes but we start with ERC20 first!


Hi guys,
I’ve just downloaded the pillar wallet. Looks great!
Only thing I can mention now is that sometimes I hit my back button by accident which closes the wallet. If I try to open it quickly again it takes me back the assests tab, but with nothing showing, blank screen. I then force a quit, then reopen it, and it then asks for pin as per normal. Not even sure if this is an issue.
Chat with me anyone…


Hi Nick - I made a video for you guys here. This explains it better than messaging but if you want more info let me know.



The issue you are talking about has already been reported earlier. So the devs’ team took care of it and hopefully you do not face it anymore, do you? If so, please make sure to update the Wallet first as well.
Sorry for taking so long to reply)


Great video, Has there been an update/next video from this?

Thanks! O


What kind of update you’re looking for @Oliver-Dorman? From now on you’ll be getting them on the Forum, but feel invited to subscribe to the newsletter and follow us in social media as well.

Find all at the bottom of the page:


The video I replied to talks about two updates. Keying in amounts in fiat and requesting a receive from contact.
These are probably very old, just wondered what happened with this.

Yea I follow on Instagram and it seems like updates get good exposure there.

Thanks alot!


Hi Oliver - I’ll make another video shortly. I checked all the updates to the Pillar wallet and I don’t think my request was on there which was a shame. To be the best wallet Pillar has to be the most user friendly. Enjin wallet already has a built in exchange process in the wallet and I’m going to do a comparison of the two wallets soon. Pillar wallet has the idea of the social network behind it which is a big advantage. But it needs some way for people to invoice other people in fiat… I have it on my jobs to do!


Thanks for your feedback, Robby! Appreciate it, please keep it coming :sunglasses:

“Request funds” function is something that we’re working on and you should see it in one of the upcoming releases. “Receive funds” is different, but necessary - it’s the only way to receive tokens sent from someone, who’s not on the Pillar Wallet (yet!). As such it needs to stay there in an old-time fashion - with a QR code and wallet address.

Keying in fiat is a bigger UX/UI challenge as there are certain expectations from users, which with all volatility assets and imperfections of blockchain networks sometimes might not be met. Long story short, several disclaimers will be needed to make sure no one is feeling robbed/scammed, because she/he wanted to send $10, but $9.93 was received on the other end. Saying that it is doable, we hear that need from the community and we will be working on the best way to make it happen.

Hope that answers your questions @Oliver-Dorman. If not, no one can say it better than @burningfiat :point_left: