Beta testing is LIVE!


From the latest Pillar newsletter! :grinning:
:tada: :iphone: We’ve Shipped the Pillar Wallet Beta!

Yesterday, we marked an important milestone in the project’s life. Our first wave of beta testers received the Pillar Wallet in their inbox and are currently connecting to each other via its white pages lookup, sending TEST ETH, and communicating with end-to-end encrypted messages.

Our development and support teams will increase the number of testers in the coming weeks to push out new builds to subsequent waves at regular intervals. Thank you all for the feedback so far and keep an eye on your inboxes!


Sent you a connection request just there mom :wink:


Got it! I think I sent you back some ETH - but when I tried to send you some PLR my screen went blank. Now I know that even though I bought test PLR with test ETH - it won’t let me open that card. Have you tried it yet?


No need to be a snob on the beta Josh! :rofl:


Hola, ¿alguien que hable español y quiera intercambiar test ETH conmigo?