Blockchain & Crypto Conferences/Summits/Meetups


The Pillar telegram channel has been bubbling with posts from the team’s activities at the annual ETHBerlin Blockchain Summit. Our very own ambassador @Bitcuriousmom attended!

We were wondering where everyone goes to get their blockchain info? Do you have any summits, conferences, or meetups planned? If you could go to any blockchain conference/summit/meetup, where would you go? Many events occur annually. Have you missed something you wished you would have been able to attend?

Consider some of the following just to name a few:

  1. World Blockchain Forum, 9/1 (
  2. ETHBoston, 9/6 (
  3. Anarchadelphia, 9/13 (
  4. Global Blockchain Summit, 10/3 (

There are so many educational opportunities, where would you go?