Claiming back Affiliation Fee's for Wallet Holders on the Store


I understand from the event that you’re currently working on a WooCommerce plugin which is superb.

I believe BigCommerce and Shopify can also be utilized in a way that when we search for say jeans in the pillar wallet, we can use the personal data held in the data locker to find clothes given our personal preferences and measurements without giving away our identity,
example search for a blue t-shirt and all the ones with my size come up along with their availability across all stores and maybe throw in a few other filters based around my personal shopping preferences settings.

I think the plugins are definitely the quickest way into this market but another thing to consider, that is the affiliate fee’s that can be claimed using the existing services around us - such as TopCashBack
Shops will continue with their affiliate programs as we move into decentralization and we can program the wallet to collect the affiliate fee’s that we would get should i buy a tshirt from a big brand’s website.

There will always be competition with online shops and brands so my thinking is this; connect each user to their topcashback account or similar, where they can monetize their affiliate fee’s whilst buying items on other stores. You could even go so far as to create your own Ether version of topcashback on the Pillar backed infrastructure so that it collects to a central cashback account…

Pillar itself creates a new revenue stream from integrating a company topcashback account by tracking the links of all users on all connected stores and plugins, eventually maybe giving a lesser percentage to the end user which may help the project as it continues to grow.