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Curious how this is going to turn out. I feel like folks are gonna use it for a one.


there is a great tweet that I’ve seen this morning


but in general I am really excited about this cause it is just industry a lot of credibility. What do you think @Bitmeets


Great for cryptocurrency adoption, introduces crypto to the masses. Is meant to be a stable coin, with unlimited supply. Xrp competition perhaps.


This is a great tweet!

Reverse decentralization.


How do you think it will turn out? XRP has been here for awhile and has many partnerships.

On the flip side, Facebook has the money, connections, and 2bil users.

It might not go to well for XRP, unless the community bands together against Facebook.


I think it will go well with people who still don’t see FB for what it is! For all of us who don’t buy fluff so easily… well, lets say it will be a while before I dare to download it :smiley: @jack @Michael you were very vocal regarding this topic in the office :slight_smile: maybe you wanna share your thoughts with our community?


I did see that it won’t be launched until 2020. That may give XRP more time to prepare.


This is awesome news!