Distribution of Tokens


There is a lot of speculation around at the moment with some tokens, new entrants to the market not wanting to miss out and so maybe they’re over valuing what they perceive to be a security token when in fact it may be a utility token with lots more tokens yet to be released in the future - devaluing their speculation once these future tokens are released.

I’ve had a few friends ask me about Pillar specifically questions relating to the distribution of the future tokens set out in the whitepaper. Is there a clear road-map ahead of when these are to be released or an event orientated plan even a financial market cap plan?

As its quite a big topic and I might have the wrong end of the stick on some issues but i think it’s worth discussing how Pillar plans to tackle future token releases be that may.


As outlined in the Grey Paper the tokens that are presently frozen are to stay there until a determination is made as to what to do with them. If I am not mistaken this will be addressed by governance. Until that topic needs to be addressed in the future those tokens will remain frozen if I remember correctly.