Exchange suggestion


I heard an interesting idea the other day, being able buying crypto over the phone. So someone could call and speak to an operator who would do everyhting for them, might be a helpful option to those that find crypto to complicated.


I think the problem is KYC in this case - how you do that over the phone? The only way to circumvent it is to disable transfering funds out of a hot wallet until KYC is done.


In some wallets you can buy through Simplex with a card without doing KYC

The fees are pretty high though :-1:


Does Simplex allow you to transfer funds out of their hot wallet without doing KYC?


They do, you have to give your BTC address to start the transaction


I’ve been wondering about how to bypass the whole KYC thing. As soon as you are tagged you can be traced etc, imho. Controlling that data is essential otherwise you are back in a system that is privelaged and can be abitraily revoked, which is the technotcratic dream/nightmare if you ask me.