Logging into Websites with QR code


So there are a few already trying this out, Civic mainly, Self-key also.

I like how Civic allows us to login to some websites using the QR code rather than generic usernames and passwords, this even abolishes the need for email verification.

The only issue here is that not many websites have the Civic plugin active to be able to login yet as its still relatively new in the market.

I suggest that we add a feature within the Pillar wallet to manage and revoke all of the websites that we are currently ‘signed into’ via a wallet web-access option.

Create a plugin for cPanel & Plesk that webmasters can utilize that makes it easy for users to scan into a site and some more advanced options later down the line.

Auto generate an address for each new web login that hooks back to an address linked to your pillar wallet could make sure its you without giving away your identity & abiding by KYC constraints using Zero Knowledge proofs somehow.

Have a ‘Sign out of all websites’ button as well as a live list of all currently logged into websites.

The benefit of this, is that you could then advance in the field of subscription models by paying a website subscription in a Crypto for the sites your logged into depending on the options configured by the webmaster (if they choose to accept Crypto that is).

Of course there are more webmaster tools, but I’ve found cPanel to be most common having worked in a few data centres but there maybe more popular web management tools that hit a bigger audience, either way I’m all ears & thought this would be worth mentioning as I believe Pillar can consume what Civic does very easily with a few plugins.


Great point, signing into websites is a pain in the butt. How much work is it to create the necessary plugins in Cpanel and Plesk?


I would think 3-4 weeks development time plus some on going maintenance. I’m happy to spearhead the project, it may just require some development funding and some of my time which id have to charge for.
The best way i think to increase user adoption of the pillar wallet is to get webmasters making this available for people to sign in to their clients websites. Those end users then question what is pillar and therefore download the wallet. They may not be Crypto people but they will definitely love revoking access.
swipe right for approved, left for revoke, with a timestamp of last visited and showing the site logo.


I agree. Do you think an explainer type video about how it will work would be useful when trying to sell the idea to webmasters? I suppose they have to want to install it on their website so that could be a hurdle as well. What do you think?


i think a video at this stage would be a waste of energy as there is no PLR QR scan login product for them to download yet. Once there is a product, then we proceed with marketing it.
I recall speaking with Ron at the event, he mentioned the SDK’s would soon be available?


no I meant something that helps people understand how digital id will work from the pillar wallet. Ron showed me an app that lets you do that. When you see it in action it makes sense. When you try to explain it its almost impossible to understand.


The source code for Civic’s Wordpress plugin can be found here

I suggest that some of this code could be used as a Pillar Plugin for WooCommerce , BigCommerce, Shopify and other eCommerce plugins/extensions.


@claretandblue @simon good to see you guys here! :sunny:

Identity support is coming soon, but even sooner we’ll be able to use Pillar Wallet to log into various websites - the team is already working on WalletConnect integration.
You can learn more about it here :arrow_right: https://walletconnect.org

@burningfiat elaborated on both of those functionalities in his Vision article - I’m sure you’ve seen it, but if someone didn’t, here it is :arrow_heading_down:


That’s correct. WalletConnect is being adopted as a growing standard across Ethereum main and test network wallets and dapps (and there is no reason why it couldn’t move to cross chain as well). The protocol is super lightweight and friendly. You can watch Pedro’s talk on it from EthCC this year here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=52Zk8rbsXT8

We will also allow for management of dapp / site sessions directly from the within the wallet once this functionality is enabled.