Profile Sharing Link



I’d like to suggest a small clipboard feature Idea to help improve user adoption.

Each time I use the wallet, I head straight for the chat feature.

I think it would be wise to be able to copy or see my own profile URL link to be able to easily share or copy this link url with friends on other chat applications.

Just a small feature to copy to clipboard or share profile URL would do, rather than having to search and find the right people.

I think this would assist users in easily adding more friends and hence they may use the chat more in pillar than in WhatsApp or other chat places.

More chat would naturally lead to more user transactions.


I like that @claretandblue! Support is also in Live Chat on or at [email protected] - can you please copy what you wrote here and send it over to them in that channel? They are taking all requests and funneling them to the appropriate department.

Thanks! I would like that feature too!