Using ARKit to scan items into our own data locker


The original data locker video talked about a marketplace of pseudonymous indexed inventories linked to each users data locker. A peer to peer eBay almost, with the data solely in the hands of he/she who owns the items.

I recently had a conversation with an expert in Augmented Reality where we discussed how the new IKEA place application (try here) allows users to be able to have a good look at a piece of furniture in 3D before purchasing it. Those CAD drawings in this case we think are uploaded by either IKEA or a third party provider on their behalf and we think the GitHub repositories are using the open source AR Kit using React Native, there’s a great Article here on adding ARKit into an application with instruction on the repositories.
Github Repo here.

So where am I going with this you may ask?

Well if it’s possible to scan in items using ARKit with any users iOS phone then it’s possible to index items and contain these images using local storage of StorJ and IPFS to have and compare them with what’s available on the marketplace.

example; in the original data locker video, items owned by person A could be available to be bidded on in the marketplace by any person B, C, etc but these bidders don’t know that person A owns the item. One large second hand marketplace then exists where each inventory is scanned in using ARKit to each users data locker.

A notification can come from person B to person A offering so many Ether for their item. So a bid process could exist to request to purchase the item.

I scan in an object using my phone and place this in my personal inventory inside my pillar wallet, nobody knows that I own it but its listed as for sale, then as the marketplace grows, suggested Items of similar shapes and sizes already on the marketplace can help users identify what they are scanning to improve quality.

So this topic was created to see if the possibility of ARKit could exists within the pillar wallet in the future to integrate ARKit so that users can scan in items into their data locker (as the repositories are open source)

I recall Drew saying if we can find open source repo’s then fire them over either way.