Welcome to the Game of Badges! 🏅


The Game of Badges is officially launched! :name_badge:
Read more about it in @burningfiat’s article on our Medium:

These are the badges you can currently collect:

To the Moon! — Wallet created

How to get it?
Download Pillar Wallet app from the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android) and create a new wallet.

Wordsmith — Wallet imported

How to get it?
Restore your Pillar Wallet: https://help.pillarproject.io/user-guide/how-to-restore-your-pillar-wallet

High Five — First connection established

How to get it?
Connect with others in the Wallet: https://help.pillarproject.io/user-guide/how-to-connect-with-pillar-wallet-users

Coin Collector — First transaction received

How to get it?
Simply make a transaction with of your friends in the Wallet.

Sharing is Caring — First transaction made

How to get it?
Send any asset to one of your Pillar Wallet friends.

Keymaster — Backup secured

How to get it?
Open Home tab, go to Settings (gear icon) at the upper right corner of the screen and choose Backup Wallet. Enter your PIN code and you’ll see your 12 words.
Make sure that your 12 words backup phrase is written down to the safe place! (on Windows: https://help.pillarproject.io/user-guide/how-to-keep-your-backup-phrase-protected-windows; on iOS: https://help.pillarproject.io/user-guide/how-to-keep-your-backup-phrase-protected-mac).
After that select the correct words to verify your backup phrase.

This list will grow as we go - keep checking this thread to see if there are new badges available and to post your own proposals. Now go and catch’em all! :muscle: